UKULELE - small group

Natick - Common Street Spiritual Center (location map)
Wednesday, 3:30 PM
04/01/20 - 06/03/20 (10 weeks)

Why Uke?  Because it's the perfect size for children and it's FUN. Kids learn songs they can play right from the very first class for a feeling of accomplishment. This can encourage practice at home and the desire to learn more songs!  Skills learned in class strengthen musical aptitude and are easily transferable if they choose to pick up another instrument later.

Classes may involve games, singing, movement and rhythmic strumming as each class is geared to the individual child. Children will learn basic music theory, rhythmic notation and solidify pitch recognition as they learn to tune and to sing along with their instrument. 

9 weekly 50 minute classes.   Group classes up to 4 children max but when possible we prefer 2 children to allow for more individual attention.  We try to match children of similar ages or abilities.  Parents may stay or drop off the children.  We encourage parents to bring a ukulele if staying! 

Private classes can be purchased by contacting the director (especially recommended for children over 6 or who completed the beginner group class)

Tuition includes Songbook with an access code to online music to help with practicing at home.

*Not all classes are listed on our calendar as some children have been taking Ukulele with us for several semesters and we've created private classes for more advanced students.  Group classes listed are usually for beginners.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to request private classes.   

Upcoming Meetings
04/08/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 04/08/20 3:30 PM
04/15/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 04/15/20 3:30 PM
04/22/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 04/22/20 3:30 PM
04/29/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 04/29/20 3:30 PM
05/06/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 05/06/20 3:30 PM
05/13/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 05/13/20 3:30 PM
05/20/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 05/20/20 3:30 PM
05/27/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 05/27/20 3:30 PM
06/03/20    3:30 PM Wednesday 06/03/20 3:30 PM