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This class and having Lou Lou as a teacher has been one of the most wonderful and positive experiences my daughter has had:) We are so happy to have found you!!

Mom of a 2.5 year old -Natick

My daughter is literally Obsessed with the class!  She asks me every day to go. Greg is amazing, he is so engaging and wonderful! The kids were beaming and so happy.
Mom of 2.3 year old -Framingham

"...She knows the sign for "music" and requests it, no kidding, about 10 times/day. Then when the hello song comes on, she gets this huge grin and her whole body gets excited. Just thought I'd share that with you.
Music Together® is the best music program around, in my opinion, and I tell everyone that when they are looking for a class to take."

parent of 11 month old

Thanks again for all your teaching - he is a true music lover and that is in large part due to your wonderful classes. You are such a great teacher and really convey a love for music and musicality. Hopefully we can start up the classes again soon. Thank you again

Mom of a 3 yr

"Thank you so much for teaching an amazing class. Izzy and I both love our Music Together classes! We look forward to this new session."

Mom of 18 month old

"You truly have a gift with music and children. Your understanding of childhood development is extraordinary and your classroom management is unparalleled. You have found such a wonderful place in this world to share your passions and your talent and joy for music is intoxicating."

Mom of 1.5 & 3 yr olds

"Leon and I have truely enjoyed starting our week with you, the other kids and of course all the great music! You've brightended our days and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy you've brought us and the smiles you've put on our faces!
So keep rocking and I'll be singing your songs to my new daughter years from now .."

nanny of 1 year old

This week Grace has been singing full songs unprompted, and the other day
put on her coat and stood at the door. When I asked where she was going,
she said "Music class." So I think she's enjoying it!!!

Parent of a 2 year old

As a highly trained musician, I appreciate the strong
musicality and enthusiasm both Loulou and you bring to

parents of 6 month old

PS: Sophie is so full of music since taking your summer class. She makes up songs about anything and everything, and has so much fun with it! We love it!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Mom of a 2.10 year old

"On another note (pun intended) thank you for Lou Lou!! She was amazing
- my family is still talking about the party. My nephew had such a
great time with the music..."

Birthday party family

Hi Lou Lou!
Thank you so much for a wonderful semester, and for these great notes you send. We'll miss you over the summer, and are looking forward to the fall. Lilly sings all the time, and I attribute it to our classes. She's started improvising verses to I'm Gonna Play Today, and I wake up every morning to her singing -- she just sits in bed and sings until I go in and tell her it's time to get up. This morning she sang me three more songs before she got out of bed, and she even pats her hands on her thighs sometimes when she sings. It's wonderful, so thank you so much!

Mom of a 2.5 year old

Dear Loulou,
Thanks for another magical session of Music Together! Lucy and I loved every minute! We can't wait to come back in the fall..

Mom of a 3 year old

Loulou, Thank you so much for your music class - we have enjoyed the curriculum & also your special talent & wonderful creative style. Carly wants you to know her favorite songs are; Hello Everybody, Biddy Biddy, Hey Na Na, & the Bunny song.

Mom of a 4 year old

This is the best class Sofia has ever taken and I know she will be very happy to be back in January.

Mom of 2.9 yr old

She LOVES the music and has been singing songs all summer. It's so great to see her enjoy it so much and we do too!

Mom of 1.6 year old

Thank you so much for all you do to put together such a wonderful class!
Ben and I love it!

Mom of a 2.4 year old

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we love you and your class. Can't wait for another great semester!

Mom of 1.5 yr old

Arya (and Mommy!) *loves* her MT class with Loulou - thank you so much for creating such a great atmosphere where we get to learn, play, and enjoy all wonders and benefits of music!

Mom of 1.3 yr old

Now as always, we are just so grateful for your presence in our family's life. Your caring, talent, love, and attention have made all the difference for both our kiddos and will make their lives better forever. 


Mom of 6 & 9 yr old Uke students