Class Room Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you get the most out of your Music Together® experience.

  1. You are your child’s most important music teacher. PARTICIPATE in a way that feels comfortable and enjoyable to you. What matters for your child’s development is that you DO music. There is no wrong way to express yourself; no one will judge you! Play with us.
  2. Play the CDs or stream the songs at home and in the car as frequently as possible. Children learn through repetition! Don't forget to use your songbook too!
  3. Please NO TALKING during class. We’re aiming for a total immersion in music. This will keep our focus on experiencing and making music.
  4. Try to show up a few minutes early so your child can adjust to the space. It’s important for children to transition into music class by experiencing the Hello Song.
  5. Wandering is normal and as long as it isn’t disruptive to the class it is perfectly acceptable and developementally appropriate behavior. Keep a peripheral eye on them while you continue to participate. Usually children will come back and join in the activity when they see how much fun their parent or caregiver is having!
  6. Some children may choose to observe you or somebody else and practice at home. Music Together does not emphasize performance. We celebrate each child’s learning style.
  7. Please do not bring toys or anything that could be a distraction into the classroom.Shoes, bags etc should be left outside the class or out of reach of the children.
  8. No food in the classroom. Sippy-cups or bottles can be used. Nursing is always allowed.
  9. Healthy children! If your child is running a fever or has a productive cold please do not come to class. We offer a generous make-up policy for just this reason. We supply wet-ones and hand sanitizer that we encourage everyone to use before and after class.
  10. If the public schools are closed due to weather, there will be NO MT classes. If a class is cancelled we will add an extra class to the semester schedule.
  11. Make-up Classes: Schedule make-ups for missed classes online by going to the drop down menu under the "Enrolled Families" tab or click here for the Make-up Scheduler. Make-up classes are offered as courtesy only and cannot be carried over to future sessions.